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Don't Just Drink Tea, Take Tea!

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Don't Just Drink Tea, Take Tea!

Sharon Kummerer

The medicinal ritual of sipping tinctures made from tea leaves began during the Hun dynasty, 206 years before the birth of Christ. All tea, including white, green, oolong, and black, comes from the family Camellia sinensis. However, the word “tea” has evolved into a loose term that encompasses not only, the sometimes oxidized, fermented or aged leaves of Camellia sinesis, but herbal infusions or tisanes that contain no actual tea leaves as well.  

Camellia sinensis

Green tea has become a popular drink around the word and is renowned by both Eastern and, more recently, Western cultures for its suggestive and proven health benefits. Benefits include improving blood flow and brain function, lowering cholesterol, boosting metabolism and even reducing your risk of infection, cancer, Type II Diabetes, heart disease and stroke. It is made from unfermented tea leaves that are air dried, steamed, baked, roasted or a combination of these methods.

This type of tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which have been proven to reduce aging and protect your cells from abnormal growth, or cancer. In fact, a meta-analysis published in 2006 found that woman who drank green tea had a 22% lower risk of developing breast cancer. And while it does not contain as much caffeine as coffee, green tea has something coffee can’t quite offer, the ability to make you smarter. This is due to an amino acid that can cross the blood brain barrier called L-theanine. Published studies have shown that the combination of caffeine and L-theanine can improve overall brain function.

Green tea is delicious both hot and iced and The Akron House Tea Co. offers several high quality green tea options for prolonged enjoyment without boredom. Our selections include Jasmine Green which is green tea fragranced with jasmine flowers, Summertime Sunset, a strawberry citrus green tea, or our Coconut Lime flavored green tea.

Ilex paraguariensis

  Yerbe Mate tea is becoming increasingly popular around the world. It hails from a South American evergreen holly bush and contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and several antioxidants. This includes the essential vitamins A, C and E, minerals like Calcium, Iron and Zinc and other important compounds such as fatty acids, Carotene, and Tannins.

This versatile leaf boasts the strength of coffee and the health benefits of green tea, offering both energy and vital nutrition. But, unlike coffee, Yerba Mate gives you energy without the jitters or other negative side effects that caffeine can produce, such as vasoconstriction which increases blood pressure. So where as coffee will raise blood pressure, Yerba Mate or the theobromine it contains, actually lowers it in hypertensive individuals. And because of the caffeine content, Yerba Mate tea enhances memory, mood, focus and alertness. This herb has also contains compounds called saponins which boast the immune system and have anti-inflammatory properties.

At The Akron House Tea Co. we offer an Apple Peach flavored Yerbe Mate which is blended with dried peaches, organic peach flowers, and dried apple. Add a touch of vanilla honey and you have the perfect morning brew.

Matricaria chamimilla

Cant’ sleep? Suffering from anxiety? A flowering herb called chamomile may help. Matricaria chamomilla or chamomile has long been prized for its calming capabilities. It is packed full of phytochemicals such as flavonoids and terpenoids which trigger a relaxant effect on the body and mind. It can be used to ease stomach and digestive problems, alleviate anxiety issues like nervousness and migraines, and even keep your hair and skin looking healthy.

So unwind with a warm mug of this wonderful golden brew and finally get the rest you need. At The Akron House Tea Co. we love chamomile and make several blends featuring this time-tested herb. Selections include, Peaceful Meadow which is chamomile blossoms blended with lavender buds and spearmint leaves and Sleepy Serena featuring chamomile, lemongrass and fragrant rose petals (pictured).

                 You’ll discover that finding teas that are both delicious and beneficial to your health is easier than you think. If you are sipping tea for the benefits, look for purveyors that use organic and all-natural products. If you are like me and enjoy your tea sweetened, avoid white processed sugar or artificial sweetener and instead turn to all-natural honey, which is also packed full of flavonoids and antioxidants.  Visit our website,, to view our entire selection of flavored and blended teas hand-crafted right in here in Pennsylvania. And don’t just drink tea, take tea!