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Teapot - High Borosilicate Glass

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Akron House Tea      Temple, PA

Heat Resistant Glass Teapot with Infuser Basket   

These are wonderful for those who love tea!! Not to mention adorable!!

The smaller teapot is 550ml or approximately 18.5 oz, making it perfect for a single mug of tea. The larger teapot is 950ml or approximately 32 oz, which is ideal for tea for two.

Use Instructions: 

Super easy to use! Simply fill the teapot 3/4 full with water, bring to gentle boil and remove from heat, insert infuser basket and loose tea, allow to steep for directed time, pour when finished and enjoy!

Care Instructions: 

  • Teapot can be placed directly on glass or gas cook top or ceramic heating plate.
  • Do not place on heat without fluid in the teapot. This can cause the teapot to scorch or crack.
  • Avoid placing handle over heat source as this may cause handle to be too hot to touch.
  • Do not overfill teapot as some fluid will be displaced when inserting infuser basket.
  • Glass teapot can be placed in dishwasher, but it is recommended that infuser basket and lid are hand washed to preserve the finish.


high borosilicate glass

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